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Free-range Thoughts

Marinating in the Mooc

This is my personal blog to record thoughts and share ideas for the PLENK 2010 Course.  As you can see I started this blog long ago to capture interesting ideas that I find in my wanderings around on the internet using Clipmarks.   AND thus brings up an important point I have learned about my own learning: I have discovered that I am great at searching and finding, and not so great at reviewing, synthesizing and integrating.  That has been an important thing for me to learn. I forgot I had even started this clipmark capture blog! What and where are other sites I have started and abandoned because I wanted to try out a specific technology?  Can you say information overload?

Thanks George for acknowledging that we won’t be able to stay on top of everything generated in the course. It’s a good point to make that that the major points will keep surfacing.

Note to Self:  I think I will list and  try to recapture all of the started and abandoned silos of info I’ve started.

Here is the design for the PLENK course, which is designed as a platform for distributed learning: how brilliant! The platform is the name of the game (and the venture capitalist know this too.) No one is trying to monetize information.

NOTE:  Add the course wiki to the left side in Green.


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