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Free-range Thoughts

Marinating in the Mooc

First of all, I’m not sure that I would make a distinction between PLE’s and PLN’s. For my reasoning I refer to this quote:

Intelligence is distributed across “brain, body, and world”
(Clark, 1997)

Or said another way: distributed intelligence means that resources that shape and enable activity are distributed in configurations across people, environments, and situations(Jenkins, 2007) Intelligence is accomplished not possessed.

Therefore I ask: need there be a distinction? The ego desires a personal network, yet it lives in the environment.

Also, I think that we have barely seen the tip of the iceberg on learning environments. The network effects have barely taken off. Many of us are still consuming more that we are contributing back to the learning environment. We are still trying to get out beyond our personal borders, trying to merge with the distributed intelligence, learning the tools, experimenting with configurations of information flows and learning to collaborate. As more people contribute, narrower groups of interest will form, and filtering will become more sophisticated.




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