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Free-range Thoughts

Marinating in the Mooc

<strong>MOOC = Massively Open Online Course</strong>

In the live session today, Friday, October 1, we discussed scaffolding in a MOOC.  It’s interesting how attached we are to structured results that can be contained and identified. Even though we have transcended time and space, we still haven’t transcended products or processes.  When I really accept the reality of the MOOC I realize these things:

— self-directed learning is unleashed and that can be unnerving
— the learning is on-going. There is no end and that is unnerving
— it introduces us to fellow master learners who are interested in similar subjects and those connections can live on as we choose
— we are exposed to resources to follow up on
— because of all of the above, there is no finality, no certainly, no one product to point to. Perpetual beta and that is unnerving.

Could it be that surviving and thriving in a MOOC takes a great deal of being comfortable with ambiguous results, products, and processes. There is no doubt I have learned alot in the course so far and will keep on learning about PLE’s and knowledge creation. And is this related to the fact that knowledge has jumped out of its container (the book) and is now flowing? endlessly? Yikes.

I realize that I am a divergent thinker yet I really need to work at being more convergent. A MOOC appeals to divergent thinkers. But can the MOOC become more convergent?  What would it mean for a MOOC to become more convergent?
Is that why our facilitators encourage us to become curators?

So many questions. Yet strangely I’m satisfied and I know that I will never view learning in quite the same way since I have experienced this class. I have made paradigm shifts that I’m not even aware of yet.



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