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Free-range Thoughts

Marinating in the Mooc

Just finished listening to the live session for Wednesday October 6th.  Many great ideas and links to other “nodes”.  I’ve this realization many times and each time it comes in a somewhat different form. My realization surrounds how I find my way in a MOOC (my first by the way) and the curse of being a “P” in the Myers Briggs sense.

Here is a quote about the J-P personality dynamic from this website:

Everyone takes in information some of the time. Everyone makes decisions some of the time. However, when it comes to dealing with the outer world, people who tend to focus on making decisions have a preference for Judging because they tend to like things decided. People who tend to focus on taking in information prefer Perceiving because they stay open to a final decision in order to get more information.

I am such an extreme “P” that I have spent all of my time in this course gathering. And I have fabulous tools for that. It will take me a year to followup on all of the knowledge I have gathered but not consumed.  Can you guess my profession?  (I am a Librarian)  Now it all makes sense!


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