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Free-range Thoughts

Marinating in the Mooc

It’s Sunday morning and my thoughts are free-ranging here and there. And since I figured out how to customize my blog title I have changed it to Free-range Thoughts. I realized why learning to use Web 2.0 has been hard for me, and I suspect all of us. Getting past that hurdle of “I’m-Going-To-Do-It-Wrong” is a big one for me. Being spontaneous can sometimes be disastrous. As our incredibly wise Head of School says:

Don’t do dumb things.

He is also famous for this remarkable statement which enamored him forever to my father, a seasoned executive:

Don’t start the vacation before the vacation starts.

But I digress. Learning to “feed forward” and share online comes with some trepidation. (See my blog post from the PLENK2010 mooc.)  As I slowly practice sharing, I get better at it and subjectively, I believe, my judgment improves.

Nevertheless, I walked right into the huge pothole of “I-Just-Did-It-Wrong”this morning. (A product of ready, shoot, aim. I’m prone to it.)  I hope any of you that can, will guide me. I set up a fan page in Facebook for PLEs in K-12 Curriculums. I’m ok with the page and the idea but soon I found out it links to my personal facebook homepage and it was not my intention to be at the center of this “cause”.  I am willing to deputize any of you who ask, to be co-admins with me.  This will not link back to your home page in Facebook, only mine. If you send my your email, I can list you. We can’t have too many admins for a cause such as this one.

Afterword: It appears that Facebook has saved me and recategorized the page to a Community page. Live and learn!



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