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Free-range Thoughts

Marinating in the Mooc

Dean Shareski and Shelly Blake-Plock

  • networked learning has to do with how we have always gathered in groups
  • technology has caught up with what we have always done and enhances/amplifies it
  • model what we do in networks; modeling is key
  • be a connector first and a teacher second (the key is having a quality network)
  • find something you love outside of class and build your network; it takes time to develop
  • Don’t force it on the classroom
  • Become fluent in twitter; learn the language of twitter first
  • Advantages of blogs: force you to clarify your thoughts, reflection platform, get feedback from peers and readers
  • Connect to your passion to overcome obstacles
  • Reluctant teachers and students re: blogging or networked learning
  • to be improved/finished later…..


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