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Marinating in the Mooc

In Honor of Audio Week during the Summer of Oblivion

Five hours and one headache later, I am proud to present my first fruity loops mix: Bava on the Beach. I’ve wanted to try this for quite some time. My son, DJ Spazmunkee (.com) talked me through it. It’s not perfect, but I am satisfied for now.

It’s an atmospheric jump-up drum n’bass original with a little techno (not tekno) twist at the end. I’m a sucka for jump-up. I posted it on SoundCloud which allows me to embed it below. I hope someone will grab it for a ds106radio show. Unfortunately small computer speakers won’t do the bass justice but then I meant it to be mellow, as background working music. If I keep this up, I will have to design an album cover for real.

Help me improve this by logging into SoundCloud. You can leave comments in context on the timeline.  For example if you have an idea for a better transition, leave it on the timeline at that exact transition. SoundCloud is cool that way. Notice the icons to the right in the embedded player. Try them out too.

Fruity Loops trademark settlement


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