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Free-range Thoughts

Marinating in the Mooc

….and no teacher.

I was telling a friend about our DS106 course and how the course itself turned into a story to become what it was teaching, a kind of pedagogy in infinite regression, a hall of mirrors, a toss down the delightful rabbit hole.

She described to me a course she took back in the mid 60s at the University of Washington (in Seattle) where the teacher took an extremely avante garde approach. I guess the hippy thing was gaining steam. The teacher choose not to show up for at least a week. Then he popped in and said: This is your course, you chart the course, you learn what you want to learn.  Then he disappeared only to reappear near the end of the quarter,  long enough to tell everyone they were to grade themselves. The students were bewildered then they got angry. My friend was angry because it cost her good money to take the course. It’s a true story. Pretty wild.

Life is the the hardest test I know and I am grading myself!



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