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Marinating in the Mooc

I am devoting a portion of my summer to reading The Atlas of New Librarianship by David Lankes. Besides being the most significant current source of innovative ideas for libraries, it has also become a fun activity because a twitter discussion forum was set up around the reading. For that, thanks goes to Emma Montgomery, a LIS graduate student at Syracuse University. A community makes connections possible. A community amplifies the learning. And, actually it just makes everything more fun. Also I love that the author considers The Atlas as a springboard for continued community innovation.

I am a bit behind with #atnewlib reading because I went on a bender with another online course DS106 (Digital Storytelling 106 out of U of Mary Washington). You can see posts related to this course here in this blog. It has been a fun ride. Here is my summary of Week 1 of that course.  But I digress. This post is a response to the twitter call below:

In my humble opinion this is the wrong question. I would flip the question: how can the Library become a member of any particular person’s network of knowledge creation?  Everyone is talking about personal learning environments and EDUCAUSE included this sentence in their 7 Things You Should Know About Personal Learning Environments”.

PLEs represent a shift away from the model in which students consume information through independent channels such as the library, a textbook, or an LMS, moving instead to a model where students draw connections from a growing matrix of resources that they select and organize.”

So I think one piece of the library futures puzzle will be: how does the library/librarian become a useful part of a person’s “matrix of resources”.   I think that librarians would be well served to acknowledge loudly that we do know that all “members” already exist within a global information ecology.  I think this could enhance our credibility and help people understand that we are not stuck in the past. With that said I think that Scapes could be one way to gain entrance. More in that in my Scapes post (coming).  I would really like to get some feedback on this as I have been working with this kind of idea for over a year now.



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