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Free-range Thoughts

Marinating in the Mooc

This video took a very long time to make but fortunately I enjoyed most every minute of making it. I was intrigued by the powerpoint animation example shown today (oopps, now yesterday – is it really that late? ) by Andy. So I decided to try something like that. I ended up using PowerPoint and Camtasia (trial version). Finding the right programs was the most frustrating part of doing this. The rest was easy but time-consuming.

Summer of Oblivion from kathleen johnson on Vimeo.

This video portrays how the Summer of Oblivion has felt for me. My son Skyler (DJ Spazmunkee)  just made the audio mix yesterday and I liked the high energy. He was happy to let me use it and is still a bit amazed that I can appreciate his music.

AFTER thought: (is that like an after party?)  the music sounds like a bullet train going top speed and no one can stop it. Like that movie: Unstoppable? The compressed summer schedule feels like this. It’s exhilarating  but exhausting.

I uploaded this video to vimeo. It is still processing but I think it will eventually be here:


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