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Free-range Thoughts

Marinating in the Mooc

Pulling Back the Curtains

Animated gif by Jeff at Open Teacher Talk

.First I have to show off this animated gif from a classmate in DS106. I love this idea of the curtain. You suppose this indicates anything about Dr. Oblivion. Have we pulled off his curtain?  This was an assignment I skimmed too quickly. I would like to spend more time trying out this genre of story.

I had to remix my remixed video. Sometimes you just can’t stand the flaws. I started out to make a few changes and fell into another 6-hour time warp. I didn’t want to leave out anyone, so I checked the official twitter list for the class and found some more peeps to add. Then I decided to add some meta-messages and more humor. My house is a disaster. My cat is mad because I am not petting him enough. The kids are hungry and whining. Sigh. But it was worth it. I hope you think so too.

PS: Who needs Final Cut Pro when we have Camtasia. PPS: Feel free to download and remix.

Summer of Oblivion – Fun Times from kathleen johnson on Vimeo.



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