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Marinating in the Mooc

As we look for new ways to create conversations in our communities, we must avoid the “not invented here” mentality and embrace partners – especially those who are already predisposed to work with the library community. Here is one promising example:

Tom Glaisyer, a Knight Media  Policy Fellow at the New America Foundation, envisions the emergence of a connected world of public service publishing based around libraries, community groups, and journalism schools, many of whom are already active participants in publishing to local communities.

These will be new information institutions, and look very different from what we had in the past,” says Glaisyer.

Excerpts above from:

Bell, Emily. “Signal and Noise: Trying to Follow Global News in America, A Newcomer Finds That Something is Missing.” Columbia Journalism Review Vol. L. No. 2 (2011): 26-29. Print.

Here is a link to the policy paper by the New America Foundation: Full Spectrum Community Media:Expanding Public Access to Communications Infrastructure

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