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Marinating in the Mooc

I was very impressed with the document Dr. Barrett shared with us outlining the detail of e-portfolios at High Tech High. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Barrett’s summary of her time at High Tech High:

Four design principles underlie the work of High Tech High: personalization, adult world connection, common intellectual mission, teacher as designer.

What was most impressive was the fact that teachers and administrators also have portfolios, modelling the process. The structure and goal questions answered at the beginning of each trimester, by each student in advisory, was a thoughtful list of questions targeted to elicit reflection of large learning goals for each student’s Personal Learning Plan. It occurs to me that personalization only scales if each student can accomplish it for themselves with the appropriate scaffolding.

What are three things you have accomplished where you had a specific goal and you worked towards accomplishing that?

What were your goals for this past trimester?

Did you meet your goals?

If not what, what got in the way?

How have your goals changed?

Other PLP (Personal Learning Plan) activities:

Collect information about what students and faculty are working on and what, if anything. is getting in the way.

Collected information about how goals have changed.  (Time: Two 1.5 hr sessions.)

I like the structure of this beginning trimester reflection and the whole idea of a personal learning plan.  The full document transcribed is here:



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