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Free-range Thoughts

Marinating in the Mooc

Dear parents,

I know that you think you were punishing me by sending me away to Camp Macguffin. Not! Your plan has failed. I am having a blast and I have met many new people who — guess what — think just like me. I am discovering that being creative is a bonus and not the character-flawed, won’t follow the rules, messed up artistic nature you have tried to brainwash me into thinking it is.

That’s right C R E A T I V I T Y  is getting amplified in me this very minute, making me more of who I really am…more of exactly that characteristic you have despised in me all these years.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your summer without me, because I know I will be sure to enjoy mine!

Your rebellious, crabby, creative daughter,


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