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Free-range Thoughts

Marinating in the Mooc



Well, it’s been quite a morning in-world, Minecraft world that is. I entered Minecraft and met some teammates. Aforgrave seeing my struggles went to get help for me because I kept dying, or getting blown up. After each death I had to respawn myself. At one point it started raining bits which was rather startling. There was a brilliant sign in the sky which sparkled “Come to the Mountain”. Eventually someone came to put me in “create” mode (maybe it was Timmmyboy ?) which I’m told keeps one safe.

So then Leeslebub, seeing my pathetic¬† newbee-ness, took me on and showed me the ropes, waiting patiently while I tried to get myself down a narrow tunnel. Whew that was hard. But after several minutes I went down the tunnel. Eventually we emerged into another scape. We flew upward and ended up on a narrow catwalk which was appropriate since Leeslebub looks like a tiger. “Rawr”¬† Running along the raised narrow walk was also very hard. But eventually – and I can’t tell you how – we ended up at Bunk House One.¬† Everyone had to leave to get on with their Saturdays in real life. So I was left on my own (yikes) and tentatively I began to build. Planted some flowers and built a bunk for myself. Then it started snowing, so clearly Bunk House One has no roof. Not sure how that works. I wanted to label my bunk but couldn’t figure out how. So I will leave you with an image of where I left off. Double-click to see the full image.

All of this left me excited but very exhausted. Time to eat breakfast – in the real world. It’s still early on the Pacific coast.

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