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Free-range Thoughts

Marinating in the Mooc

“Given all your power, smarts, and vision, and excellent consultants, I can’t for the likes of me understand Amazon’s specific policies regarding Kindles and libraries. Here is my frustration: our kids and faculty are getting their own Kindle devices. That’s great. I love that. But I cannot easily push out my growing list of Kindle titles (140+) to our book lovers. Everyone is extremely surprised by that. It really hampers my ability to provide service.”

“You may reason that if a student already has a Kindle, then they are already buying your content. I’m sure that is true. But students generally don’t buy the six books needed to satisfy a research paper. Who besides the Ph.D. student of history wants to own The Origins of French Absolutism 1598-1661 Seminar Studies in History?”



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