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Marinating in the Mooc

For some reason, purely intuitive rather, I am drawn to learning to understand sensemaking more fully in this course. It was a concept referred to by George Siemens in my connectivism course PLENK, Personal Learning Environments, Networks and Knowledge 2010.
Through a twitter link posted by a co-learner, I was able to find George Siemens slideshare on the topic. It’s fantastic. I hope to work with this concept alot in the Think-Know Tools course.

Slideshare link:

I may refer to being a librarian often in this course because in so many ways it has shaped my worldview. For instance I recall thinking the world wide web was more like a library where all the books were lying on the floor mixed up, with pages torn out and scattered. In this arena of fragmentation, sensemaking and wayfinding come to the aid of our attempts to create “coherence”.  Its all very abstract but when you dig into it, it is a good frame for what we do individually and as co-learners as we continually learn by all that we encounter.

I also want to integrate the concepts of sensemaking and infotention because I’m quite sure they are related but I am not entirely sure just exactly how. Ask me in two weeks!

I am also very intrigued to see how Howard R. has structured the course. What works, what doesn’t work. The lexicon portion of our SMC (Social Media Classroom) is a brilliant innovation and an example of what works well. It is one important way that we can socially construct meaning.  I think of the words as towns on the map of co-learning. We can situate ourselves around these towns (concepts) as in: “meet me in Sensemaking and let’s talk about this.”


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