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Party with The Monkey House. We’re rocking it. We will discuss throwing a dance party on DS106radio or perhaps in Minecraft when we get to the audio section of our course. So stay tuned to The Monkey House folks!

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I completed this assignment in audacity and uploaded to soundcloud when I noticed that we were supposed to send it do YouTube. Here is my soundcloud.

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Dear parents,

I know that you think you were punishing me by sending me away to Camp Macguffin. Not! Your plan has failed. I am having a blast and I have met many new people who — guess what — think just like me. I am discovering that being creative is a bonus and not the character-flawed, won’t follow the rules, messed up artistic nature you have tried to brainwash me into thinking it is.

That’s right C R E A T I V I T Y  is getting amplified in me this very minute, making me more of who I really am…more of exactly that characteristic you have despised in me all these years.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your summer without me, because I know I will be sure to enjoy mine!

Your rebellious, crabby, creative daughter,

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The summer of love.

I think I’m in the running for being the elder in DS106 which may also make me the original hippy. OH instead of OG. Oh, and the best part is, my high school girlfriends and I still relive the memories each summer at some exotic place for a weekend. I’ve found it takes a collective to remember the past — even your own.

I was intrigued by the boy who had the cool car and a swimming pool. But seriously, the real reason was that he was very funny and not too hard on the eyes. My dad still loves him to this day although he never condoned the sneaking out at night.  I made the matching pants. Steve made the car.


Thank you TA Smith for this animated gif tutorial.  It finally got me to my goal of creating an animated gif – the right way. I wasn’t able to master it in the Oblivion class. Now I’m ready to try it in photoshop. I realized that the video clip above was not perfectly suited to being a gif, so choosing a suitable clip is also part of the art. I’ll persist.

Does this small achievement get me closer to the Center of the Internet?